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Thinkz is a trailblazer in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), committed to transforming the way people interact with data in real time.

Founded in 2018, we have focused our energies on making complex technology accessible and applicable in everyday situations, improving lives, cities, and businesses around the world.

With our roots deeply planted in AI and IoT, we understand the immense power that data holds in our contemporary digital era. We realized early on that the key to unlocking the potential of IoT was not only about connecting devices but also about validating and verifying the data they generate, and making this information readily available in real time. Thus, the revolutionary Live Data Verification (LDV) technology was born.

Our team comprises passionate and innovative professionals, each a leader in their field, who thrive on tackling challenges and devising unique solutions. The diversity in our team has fostered a culture of creativity and innovation that permeates through every project we undertake.

We have collaborated with numerous cities and businesses worldwide, co-creating custom real-time solutions to address their unique needs. Our projects span across multiple domains, including Mobility, Urban Management, Smart Cities, and Environment, where we have created everything from Real-Time Mobility 360° platforms to Dynamic Clean-Air Routing systems.

At Thinkz, we believe in a future where decisions are not based on historical data but real-time, verified information. We envision a world where our digital twin technology powers cities and businesses, leading to safer, smarter, and more sustainable living.

Gady Vekslar

Chief Executive Officer

Join us as we continue to shape the future, one real-time decision at a time.

Thinkz vision

Thinkz envisions a future where real-time, AI-validated data drives decisions, creating smarter cities, businesses and mobility. We aim to make IoT technology accessible and practical, transforming everyday lives with safer, more efficient, and sustainable solutions. Our aspiration is to lead the global conversation on real-time data applications, shaping a more interconnected and intelligent world.

Thinkz challenge

The major challenge of Thinkz is technologic. It’s all about the issue of handling and transforming diverse, siloed, real-time data from various devices and sources. The data comes in numerous protocols and formats, posing a challenge for effective connectivity and accessibility. Thinkz’s unique AI-driven approach ensures seamless data aggregation, interpretation, and utilization, turning real-time IoT data into actionable and useful insights.

Thinkz mission

Empower connected devices by linking them to a global real-time IoT network to serve a better human experience

Thinkz’s mission encapsulates the vision of utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence to deliver accurate, real-time, and actionable data. Our goal is to equip businesses, communities, and individuals with solutions that streamline operations, fortify safety, and foster sustainability. We strive to build a smarter, highly-connected global landscape through our innovative technology and committed team.

Our journey is one of persistent innovation, forging intelligent solutions that enable all to leverage the power of real-time data. With our pioneering LDV technology, combined with our proficiency in AI and IoT, we passionately address intricate challenges. Our determination empowers us to redefine the boundaries of real-time decision making, propelling us towards a future of limitless potential.

Thinkz team

Gady Vekslar
Chief Executive Officer
Moshe Gazit
Director of Business Development
Nirit Ayal
Business Development Specialist
Ron Vardinon
Project Manager
Emilie Bramly
Marketing Manager
Moshik Chen

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As smart players in the Real-Time IoT data industry, they were pioneers who trusted Thinkz’s team and technology.




They’ve said

We piloted Thinkz’s unique AI solution as the company built an open data service based on the data we offered. Thinkz’s solution uses the City’s real-time data that they validate by using AI.

This opens up possibilities for operations’ optimization and most importantly makes a case for using City’s open data streams as bases for citizen apps.

Collaborating with Thinkz was a nice experience and developed into an interesting Digital Twin use case in our project.

Helmi-Kanerva Tuori
Project Manager at Forum Virium Helsinki

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EcoMotion 2023 in Tel Aviv

We were thrilled to participate in the 11th annual EcoMotion Main Event hosted by the EcoMotion Community in Tel Aviv. It was an inspiring experience to engage with individuals from the community, startups, and industry. Together, we can shape a promising future for mobility.



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