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Maximizing Value from Existing IoT Infrastructure

Thinkz invigorates IoT integrators by transforming their existing networks into powerful real-time data systems, while also providing the unique opportunity to extend their work through our interactive map application. This approach not only amplifies the value of their existing services but also paves the way for new possibilities.

Make more data from the data!

Partnering with Thinkz translates into unprecedented value for end clients. Especially in the realm of smart city applications, clients gain a deeper understanding of their urban environment, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

With Thinkz, the integrators can value-up their existing projects by leveraging the Power of Real-Time IoT data

Moshe Gazit
Director of Business Development

 Thinkz makes it easy for you

No extra effort required

Data Verification:

Thanks to Thinkz’s patent-pending LDV technology, an AI system verifies information in real-time. This breakthrough paves the way for increased automation.

Data Maximization:

Transform your raw data into actionable insights. With Thinkz, you can convert your valuable Real-Time IoT data into visually smart information, tailored to your diverse audiences.

Ready-to-Implement Solution:

Thinkz provides ready-made solutions that flawlessly incorporate into your existing systems. Prepare your IoT URL and begin your integration into the global IoT network.

No-Touch, No Development Solution:

Our technology requires no additional development effort on your part. With a no-touch approach, we make it easy for you to upgrade your IoT network capabilities without any hassle.

Global Network

Linkz connects all IoTs worldwide to a global network, making it easy to track and monitor their activities in real-time.


Real-Time IoT Map

With Linkz, we’re creating the first-ever real-time IoT map,
enabling you to monitor the activities of all connected IoTs on a single dashboard

Thinkz we do for smart cities

Unleash the Full Potential of Your City by entering into the 1st global IoT real-time network.

Our innovative multi-layer real-time technology, based on IoTs that communicate with each other, elevates your city to the next level.


 Public transportation: IoT-based transportation solutions can help smart cities optimize their public transportation systems, reduce congestion, and improve the overa

Parking lots: Smart parking solutions use IoT sensors and real-time data to optimize parking space utilization, reduce congestion, and improve traffic flow in urban areas.

EV charger: IoT-enabled electric vehicle (EV) charging stations offer convenient and efficient charging services for EV owners, helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.


Environmental Monitoring:
IoT sensors and data analytics can help cities monitor and manage their natural resources, such as water, forests, and wildlife, promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.

Air quality: IoT-based air quality monitoring systems can help smart cities detect, monitor, and improve air pollution levels, leading to healthier and safer environments for citizens.

Temperature water/air/pools: Smart temperature monitoring systems can help to optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of a city's heating and cooling systems.

Noise detection: IoT-based noise detection systems can help smart cities detect and address noise pollution, creating quieter and more livable urban environments for citizens.

Automatic irrigation: Smart irrigation systems use IoT sensors and data to optimize water usage, conserve resources, and maintain healthy green spaces in urban areas.

Smart Lighting: IoT-based smart lighting solutions can help to reduce energy consumption, enhance public safety, and improve the overall aesthetic of a city's streets and public spaces.

Smart Waste: IoT-based smart waste management systems can help to optimize waste collection and disposal, reduce landfill waste, and promote sustainable urban development.


Crowdedness: Smart cities can use IoT-based crowd monitoring systems to manage and optimize public spaces, improve public safety, and enhance the overall urban experience for citizens.

Smart Snow removal: Smart cities can use IoT-enabled snow removal systems to optimize their winter maintenance operations, reduce costs, and improve safety for citizens.

Open now: Smart city apps and websites can use real-time data to show which businesses, public spaces, and amenities are currently open and available for use, helping to enhance the overall urban experience for citizens.

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They’ve said

The advent of AI in the field of smart mobility and cities couldn’t go without a powerful intelligent GIS platform such as Thinkz.

We believe this partnership will deliver in terms of maximising the potential value of our solutions with validated information at the hands of users based on their needs and interests.

Yann Bussard
Managing Director Madrid and LATAM at Dinycon Sistemas, Ingeniería de Control.

Thinkz about our technology


Connect with the power of real-time verified information.

At Thinkz, we take the authenticity and security of real-time information seriously. That’s why we’ve developed Live Data Verification (LDV) Live Data Verification (LDV), is a patent-pending technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to authenticate all incoming data. This ensures that the Real-Time data is constantly verified, protecting against the risk of fake data.


Thinkz commits to privacy and cybersecurity.

With our Live Data Verification (LDV) technology, third parties can access data without compromising the source of the information. LDV is GDPR-compliant and can detect fake data, providing the utmost protection for real-time IoT data. This innovative technology ensures that all parties can access the information they need while maintaining the privacy and security of the data.

Thinkz together

Let’s co-create the next use case.

At Thinkz, we believe that the best ideas often emerge from practical and concrete situations.

Get a meeting with Iot Experts 
Design a customized digital twins solution based on your IoTs
Integrate your IoTs into the global Real-Time Network 
Produce add value and get intelligent real-time information 
Take better decisions based on verified data
Develop your use case

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EcoMotion 2023 in Tel Aviv

We were thrilled to participate in the 11th annual EcoMotion Main Event hosted by the EcoMotion Community in Tel Aviv. It was an inspiring experience to engage with individuals from the community, startups, and industry. Together, we can shape a promising future for mobility.



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